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Who is Spelunker Coffee Company?

Spelunker Coffee Company was created by Christian McLaughlin due to his simple love of great tasting coffee. The idea came while Christian was laid-off during the 2020 pandemic, looking to fill some free time. What started as a curiosity and a small hobby, turned into a potential business idea!

What the heck is a "Spelunker"? Inspired by the beautiful Maquoketa Caves State Park, a spelunker is someone who explores caves as a hobby or recreation.

Our goal is simple, to roast delicious coffee that will satisfy the taste buds of all types. From the occasional drinker, the 9-5 worker, and the coffee aficionado.

Meet the Team


Christian McLaughlin

Christian is a co-owner of Spelunker Coffee Company, and is in charge of the roasting, packaging, and other day to day operations. 

Christian currently is an Online Biology Proctor at Maquoketa High School, and is working towards earning his Iowa teaching license for the sciences.

He hopes to expand the business to provide more styles of coffee and other products, as well as transition into a coffee shop. He would also like to tie in this business with education, and to provide high school students with real life experience in business ownership and work experience.

Owner/Social Media

Lorene McLaughlin

Lorene is a co-owner of Spelunker Coffee Company and is in charge of Social Media and other miscellaneous operations.

Lorene is currently an Online Advisor through EICC, and has worked hard to achieve her Master's degree in Higher Ed. 

Lorene is also a huge support in life outside of Spelunker by supporting our family of 2 boys Lewis and Francis, our cat Tonks, and our dog George. 

Lorene would one day like to see Spelunker Coffee Company expand into a coffee shop with a small used book store she can manage and share her love of books and reading.

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